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We can discretely counsel you on how to offset the consequences of the flexible labour market and its downside effects on decision-making and productivity. The advice would typically includes how to upgrade your Knowledge Management (KM) and decision-making processes to directly address the workplace environment where workplace employment has changed its character from long-term tenure to short-term tenure.


The most relevant of your audiences would include executive management at Board level and other senior management in disciplinary areas covering Management Development, Human Resources (HR), Knowledge Management (KM), Information Technology (IT) and Library services.


We can teach relevant individuals within your organisation how best to capture your exiting knowledge and experience and entrench a suitable learning process to enable replacements to more efficiently apply previously unavailable evidence to their decision-making. It’s the process otherwise known as Experiential Learning (EL), which uses reflective techniques to adapt the unchanged one-size-fits-all way that was considered suitable for the out-dated inflexible workforce.


Some of our clients include Glaxo Wellcome, the Trustee Savings Bank (TSB), Abbey National, NM Rothschild, PA Consulting, Telecom Eireann (Ireland), MFI, RMC, Slough Estates, Time Systems, Premier Brands, Ibstock Johnsen, Robert Horne Group, Jefferson Smurfit Group (Ireland), Fisher & Paykel (New Zealand), Distell (South Afirca).


Seminars/Lecture tours

Arnold has addressed a range of professional organisations and businesses, among them the World Business Forum, the British Computer Society, the Association for Management Education and Development (AMED), Luton University, Sunderland University, Dundee Graduate School of Management, Haifa Technion, University of Nottingham, Open University, the University of Queensland, The University of Auckland Business School, The University of the Witwatersrand and the Association of Business Historians.

Some endorsements of our work

Pencorp’s work has won recognition by a range of national and international organisations and individuals, among them ….

Professor Alfred Chandler, Harvard University: "I’m indeed impressed by your work and methodology."


Professor Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield School of Management: "I am fascinated by your approach and originality."


Sir Peter Parker, former chairman, British Rail: "I am struck by the innovative ideas of what you are doing."


Sir Campbell Adamson, chairman of Abbey National: "Without exception all acclaim it as a first rate piece of work of the highest standard which more than meets the original expectations."


Professor Gerald Vinten, President of the Institute of Internal Auditors, U.K. & Ireland: "Your technique [EBM] places business history consultancy right at the centre of organisational effectiveness and strategic need. The technique has real potential to win through, to save significant expenditure, and to lead to sustainable and long-lasting improvement."


Management Decision journal: ".... innovative. It is refreshing and exciting to see such a useful application [Overlap]."


Sir Nigel Mobbs, chairman of Slough Estates: "We must congratulate Pencorp on the efficient way the whole business was conducted."


Russell Williams, Sunderland Business School: "Pencorp champions experiential learning and convincingly challenges the popular notion that the flexible labour market, alone, is the corporate remedy for today's fast pace of change. The company has also innovated both the concept of corporate amnesia and some resourceful management tools for capturing organisations' valuable and hard-earned knowledge that is routinely forgotten or otherwise walks out of the front door when employees leave."


Allan Brown, British Computer Society: "I would like to think I have become a convert. I have seen the evidence of corporate amnesia a number of times, including my present assignment."


Professor John Pheby, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Luton Business School: "Arnold Kransdorff is a very original and interesting speaker. I have heard him speak on a number of occasions and have always been impressed by the insightful nature of his talks. He has much of interest to state and his novel ideas will shortly become the new conventional wisdom."


Paul Hyde-Thomson, chairman of Ibstock Johnsen: ".... a marvelous achievement. I have heard nothing but praise from all quarters."


William J. Brookes, branch chairman, Institute of Management (IoM):.”I have always found Arnold Kransdorff’s lectures, discussions and ad-hoc conversations stimulating and thought provoking. In these days of ‘downsizing’ and ‘flattening the organisation’, with its middle management emphasis on youth rather than experience, I feel that his message is both timely and significant. It we do not follow his advice large sections of our management heritage will disappear and we will be continually ‘re-inventing the wheel.’”


For employers with high staff turnover and low productivity